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Fractional CTO services for your startup

You make critical decisions in uncertainty every day. We offer affordable tech leadership services to help you make the best possible choices for your business.

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Bloated product roadmap

Without clear prioritization and ruthless scoping of what matters, your team will be spread too thin and not finish what matters most.


Building too much

There are hidden costs to building everything from scratch. The wrong choice can add months of unnecessary tech debt.


Hiring errors

Tech talent is one of your biggest budget items. Hiring the wrong person or hiring for the wrong role prevents you from hiring the right person for the right role.


Neglecting non-engineering solutions

Engineering time is valuable and in short supply. Waiting for bandwidth can cost you valuable time and money when non-code solutions exist. 

Many startups make avoidable mistakes.

We can help with your of startup tech needs.

For less than the cost of a junior developer, you can have executive-level technology leadership. Here are some of the startup tasks we can help with:

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Product roadmap scoping

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Build-or-buy analysis

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Tech talent hiring

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Early team management



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Software development process

Meet  Frankie Nicoletti.

Frankie (she/they) is a business leader with an engineering background. She has a decade of experience in tech in a broad spectrum of industries including fintech, martech, e-commerce, big data, telecom, and social media. She has served as Head of Engineering at multiple seed stage startups.

After work you can find her at the gym. She holds 6 state powerlifting records. 

Watch Frankie's talk at LeadDev New York on "Paying down management debt without burning out." 

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You need a jack-of-all-trades who can strategize, hire, lay the foundational architecture and development lifecycle on a budget.


Some startups hire a senior developer and hope for the best or spend a lot of money on a full-time senior leader.


We can provide the strategic, hands on help at a fraction of the cost so you can spend more of your money on great engineers to build your product.

Rebecca, Chief Data Scientist

"Frankie is not your typical Engineering exec. For one thing, it is rare that an Engineering leader joins an organization with a mindset of respect. In fact, incoming Engineering execs more often begin by accentuating the team’s shortcomings and denigrating so called “legacy code”. While this may cast the new exec as the company’s savior, it often comes at the expense of the company's most valuable resource -- the team. 

Frankie’s unique talent for seeing the good in others and their work quickly wins the trust of the engineers. Moreover, her ability to shape achievable goals, often leveraging existing codebases and the team’s current strengths, offers much more practical and efficient support to Management. 


I truly enjoyed my time working with Frankie — from pair programming sessions to strategy meetings, she was a pleasure to work with, and I would strongly recommend her services to startups looking to launch or level up their product!"

We customize engagements to your needs.


1-Hour Strategy

A 1-hour strategy sessions when you need advice quickly. We can help you weigh options and make a decision, make a plan outline, or you can simply ask all the question you have. Book directly through Calendly.


1-Day Intensive

1-day intensive to solve a larger problem, write a plan, make a build-or-buy decision, or anything else you need. The intensive includes an hour of prep and an hour of follow up afterwards. Book a consultation to discuss!


Monthly Retainer

Whether you need a 0-to-1 CTO for a couple hours a month or a day-to-day manager for 5+ hours a week, we've got you covered. Book a consultation to talk about it!

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